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Medically Tested Skin Care Products

Unleash your skin's potential with Derma's expertly curated collection of medical-grade skincare products. Explore our range of medically tested products for sun protection, acne, aging, hyperpigmentation, and more. Find your perfect match today!

AZELAC Lotion 3.4 fl.oz

Fight acne, ingrown hairs, and rosacea. Ideal for oily skin. Soothes, reduces redness, and regulates sebum. Convenient spray application.

  • facebody_imgFace/Body
  • dayandornightDay and/or Night
  • onceadayOnce A Day
  • Oily_imgOily
  • Combination_imgSpray
  • Combination_imgLotion

AZELAC Moisturizing Cream 1.7 fl.oz

Rosacea-Friendly Moisturizer: Conceals redness, calms, and regulates sebum. Ideal for sensitive skin, with anti-radical and anti-aging benefits.

  • face_imgFace
  • dayandnightDay and Night
  • twiceadayTwice A Day
  • Dry_imgDry
  • Combination_imgJar
  • Combination_imgCream

AZELAC Moisturizing Gel 1.7 fl.oz

For oily/combination skin, this nanotech-infused formula instantly hides redness, offering a soothing solution for sensitive and rosacea-prone skin.

  • face_imgFace
  • dayandnightDay and Night
  • twiceadayTwice A Day
  • Oily_imgOily
  • Combination_imgAirless
  • Combination_imgGel

Skin Care And Protection For The Whole Family

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